Andile Mbali (ANCYL Chairperson); Hardy Mills; Loyiso Notshokova (ANCYL spokesperson)

With the current political climate in South Africa, it has become necessary for some form of intervention to ensure a stable and just government in the Garden Route.

For this purpose, JEF (Justice and Equality Front) has been established in the Garden Route. The reason for the existence of this front is to fight the injustice and illegal actions by many municipalities in a structured and legal manner without resorting to violence and damage to property (as is the current preferred method in Gauteng).

We are seeing serious breach of public trust and unethical and even unlawful and illegal actions being undertaken on a large scale by these municipalities…and these actions seem to be co-ordinated. In order to fight these injustices, it has been decided to make use of the courts and the legal system. Already, JEF has been successful in negotiating an agreement whereby the ANC and the ANCYL are working together, and have pledged to prevent the violent and negative way of protest to spread from the Northern part of the country into the Garden Route.

It is in the interest of all citizens of the Garden Route that this peaceful solution is protected. However, for JEF to be successful funds are needed to fight the battle in the courts. Your contribution will help in our quest for justice and equality.

“Do not exploit the poor because they are poor. Do not crush the needy in court
for the Lord will take up their case and plunder those who plunder them.”
– Proverbs